Transparent Glass Ice Bucket With Clip Ice Cube Kitchen Tools

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Give yourself and others cool moments of drinks with this glass ice bucket. Crafted from heavy-duty transparent glass is this deep round ice cube bucket with a spiral embossed base surface design for the smooth polished surface to catch & reflect light to make your ice cubes look dazzling. The glass ice bucket also feature an plastic carry handle and serving tong to make serving ice cubes as effortless as possible.

This glass ice bucket consists of the following items – 1 x Glass Ice Bucket (Height (excluding handle: 12.5cm and Diameter: 12cm) and 1 x Plastic Serving Tongs (Length: 13.5cm). The glass ice bucket is Lead Free, Hot/Cold Resistant and Scrub Resistant.

GLASS ICE BUCKET – Be clever in the way you serve ice cubes, and make them stand out with this glass ice bucket. No matter if you want to serve large, small, mini ice cubes or crushed ice, due to the deep, wide and round structure this glass bucket will hold them all. Embossed glass base will add dimension to the look ice cubes; hence perfect to use while serving wine, champagne, cocktails, whiskey, juice, lemonade & many more beverages.

SERVE ICE WITH ELEGANCE – To serve ice cubes smoothly as they are, this glass ice bucket features a plastic carry and serving tongs. Carry handle shall make the ice bucket more easy to manoeuvre/carry from one location to another, where as the serving tongs have a ribbed picking surface to deliver a non-slip transition of ice cubes from the bucket to drinking glasses/tumblers. This is th ideal way to offer constant chilled drinks or let the everyone make them the way they like them.

HEAVY DUTY TRANSPARENT GLASS – Heavy-duty glass is what will make this glass ice bucket durable for long term use. The smooth high resistant glass surface shall keep the ice bucket protected from common damage such as chip, cracks, scratches or even the cold temperature of ice cubes. Heavy-duty structure gives the ice bucket a weighty feel, to provide great balance and stability, especially when serving.