BPA Free Plastic Oil Jug - The Cold Canteen - 2.1L

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Material: BPA Free Plastic

Size: 1.6 liter

  • Eagle Nose 
  • Easy to use and refill

Whether it’s for parathas or cooking some recipe, pouring oil straight from the company bottle or some bowl is not easy, get this jug and make your life easier…

  • Made with high quality Plastic BPA FREE.
  • Purposeful design gives you convenience from so many angles
  • Minor slop in the lid so that extra oil flows back in the jug
  • Leak-proof design with open and close control under the thumb
  • Perfect for other food items also such as water, juice, vinegar etc
  • 1600ml capacity make you the easy to save more liquid 
  • Crystal clear and shiny surface
  • Easy to see contents
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Sturdy enough to stand physical shocks & highly unbreakable
  • Strong material resists scratching